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Securing staff engagement 

One of the greatest operational costs incurred by any Home is often Agency Staff as a result of prolonged staff sickness and/or turnover.  Our experience suggests that these issues are often brought about by a lack of staff engagement in the Home, which in turn, is generally a result of either a lack of training, or provider engagement.


It is the responsibility of providers to ensure that their staff are adequately trained and its value should not be underestimated.  Untrained staff can have a significant and negative impact on any Home; sickness rates are high, staff leave, teamwork is poor, they are unable to provide the necessary care which can potentially result in resident harm, Home embargoes, failed CQC or CIW inspections, lost income, Inadequate ratings, 

and ultimately the personal liability of the provider and a potentially irrecoverable trading position. 


Cornerstone has a significant amount of experience in providing bespoke training programmes to suit the individual needs and gaps of a Home and its staff.  Our training programmes concentrate on a holistic approach to training, going beyond simply teaching the rules and regulations.  We design training programmes to ensure that staff understand the importance of their role within a Home and are engaged in the training and development process to facilitate a meaningful contribution.  


We would first carry out a Training Needs Analysis and focus our attention on the most business critical areas.  Our typical training programmes would focus on: 


- Compliance and developing an 'inspection ready' culture. 

- Understanding K.L.O.E.S and the Fundamental Standards.

- How to interact with the Local Authority and CQC/CIW.

Financial awareness.

- Marketing and their role within it.

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